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16th May 2024 - Alicia Buckingham

How to make the unexpected part of your financial plan

When you set out how to reach your financial goals, you might think about the steps you need to take. Just as important could be considering how the unexpected might affect your financial plan. Read on to find out how the unexpected may affect you and how an effective plan could keep you on the right track. …

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26th April 2024 - Alicia Buckingham

Could you face an unexpected bill now the Capital Gains Tax allowance has halved?

The gains you can make before potentially paying Capital Gains Tax (CGT) have halved for the 2024/25 tax year. If you plan to dispose of assets, the change could affect you. Read on to find out when you could be liable for CGT and some steps you might take to manage your tax bill. CGT is a tax on the…

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15th February 2024 - Alicia Buckingham

4 excellent reasons to boost your ISA now

If you haven’t used your ISA allowance for the 2023/24 tax year, it could be wise to review your options over the next few weeks before the 2024/25 tax year starts. Read on to discover some of the reasons why an ISA could make sense for you.  Government statistics show that…

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19th January 2024 - Alicia Buckingham

Inflation is falling. Here’s what it could mean for your finances

High inflation has dominated headlines over the last two years. With the rate now slowly nearing the Bank of England’s (BoE) target, taking stock of what it means for your finances could be useful.  The BoE is responsible for managing inflation and aims to keep it at 2%. The central bank…

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14th December 2023 - Alicia Buckingham

5 useful gifting allowances that could help you pass on wealth tax-efficiently this Christmas

It’s the season for giving. This Christmas, you might be thinking about how you could improve the security of your loved ones by gifting them money or assets. Read on to discover five potentially useful allowances that you might want to consider if your estate could be liable for Inheritance Tax (IHT). Some gifts are considered immediately outside of your…

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20th October 2023 - Alicia Buckingham

How to make happiness part of your financial plan

People often think of their financial plan as a way to grow their wealth and provide financial security. You might consider areas like your pension or financial protection to be core parts of your financial plan. Yet, while they’re important, your happiness is essential too. Financial planning is about helping you reach your financial goals, but it goes further than…

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15th September 2023 - Alicia Buckingham

7 practical reasons to make a Lasting Power of Attorney now

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) could provide you with protection when you’re most vulnerable by giving someone you trust the ability to make decisions on your behalf. Yet, a survey in the Independent, found that less than half of married couples have an LPA.   We will…

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11th August 2023 - Alicia Buckingham

A grocery shop would cost just 45p in 1940s when the first supermarket opened its doors

Visiting the supermarket to pick up a few items or do your weekly shopping is so common it can be difficult to imagine life without this convenience. Yet, it wasn’t too long ago that the first supermarket was opening its doors in the UK. And looking back offers an interesting insight into how money and shopping habits have…

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21st July 2023 - Alicia Buckingham

7 common but potentially harmful Inheritance Tax myths debunked

Inheritance Tax (IHT) is often controversial – you may have heard of it referred to as “the most hated tax in Britain”. Yet, despite the coverage it receives, it’s often misunderstood. Common myths about IHT could mean you’re needlessly worrying about a potential bill or failing to take steps that could allow you to pass on more wealth…

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15th June 2023 - Alicia Buckingham

Pensions v ISAs: Tax relief makes a huge difference to your calculations

When you’re saving for long-term goals, choosing the right place to put your money is crucial. It could mean you have far more financial freedom later in life. If you’re thinking about retirement or your later years, you have multiple options, including pensions and ISAs. While ISAs are more accessible, read on to find out why…

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