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26th April 2024 - Hannah Bibby

6 delicious holiday destinations that promise to be perfect for foodies

Embarking on a holiday is about more than simply sightseeing – it’s also your chance to experience new and tantalising local dishes from around the world. An increasing number of people worldwide enjoy exploring exotic flavours during their time abroad. Acorn Tourism Consulting states that food tourism is one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing tourism markets…

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18th March 2024 - Hannah Bibby

How the “dopamine décor” trend could improve your mood

Interior design trends seem to swing from minimalist to maximalist every few years, but the “dopamine décor” style might be here to stay. This trend focuses on one thing: filling your home with colours and furniture that bring you joy. Whether that’s a specific pattern or a jumble of decorations pinched from other aesthetics, the goal is to reflect your…

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15th February 2024 - Hannah Bibby

Meet the 2024 European Capitals of Culture

Are you looking for travel destinations to add to your bucket list? Every year, the European Union (EU) names its European Capitals of Culture to bolster tourism in lesser-known cities and allow them to showcase their heritage. If you’re thinking about experiencing the year’s programme of events lined up in a city you might not have…

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19th January 2024 - Hannah Bibby

The feel-good news stories you might have missed in 2023

The start of the new year is the perfect time to reflect on what has happened over the past 12 months. Although the news often focuses on disheartening events, there are plenty of heartwarming stories out there that can restore your faith in humanity. From science breakthroughs to exciting projects, here are seven stories you might…

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20th October 2023 - Hannah Bibby

Autumn reading: Discover this year’s Booker Prize shortlist

As the nights start drawing in, it’s the perfect time to refresh your bookshelf with some of the biggest publications of the year. The 2023 Booker Prize shortlist has been unveiled and includes six fantastic novels. The Booker Prize launched in 1969 and many of the books that have won the award have gone on to…

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21st July 2023 - Hannah Bibby

Longevity expert says improving your wellbeing could boost your “healthspan”

Huge leaps in medical advancements mean we’re living longer. Yet, poor health can present challenges in later years. According to a longevity expert, there are steps you can take that could improve your quality of life. Government statistics show that since the 1920s the average life expectancy has increased by around…

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15th June 2023 - Hannah Bibby

Research: Money can buy happiness but what you spend it on matters

Everyone has heard the saying “money can’t buy happiness”, but research suggests it’s not accurate.  According to a study from The Greater Good Science Center in the US, spending money can boost your wellbeing. However, simply heading to the shop and splurging on the latest technology or new clothes…

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9th May 2023 - Hannah Bibby

Inspired by Wild Isles? 8 locations in the UK to see the best of British wildlife

A special collaboration between the WWF, the RSPB and The Open University, Wild Isles compiles three years of footage to showcase the best of the UK’s wildlife.  Six episodes of David Attenborough and his crew travelling through the UK’s four key habitats – grasslands, woodlands, freshwater, and marine – aired on BBC…

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16th December 2022 - Hannah Bibby

12 fantastic board games to play over the festive season

The festive season is almost here, and it’s the perfect time to stay in the warmth and get out board games. Whether you’re planning a cosy night in with your partner or having your family over for party games, these excellent options will guarantee a fun evening. Games that are perfect for 2 players …

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17th December 2020 - Hannah Bibby

Professional achievements at Herbert Scott

As a firm, Herbert Scott have always been proud to support the ongoing professional development of its staff. Even with the crazy year we have all had, various members of our team have still been sitting, and passing, their professional exams! Our newest client administrator, Susana Duarte, is now one exam away from achieving her Certificate in Regulated Financial…

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