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16th May 2024 - Stacey Chamberlain

3 practical reasons to check your State Pension forecast before you retire

The State Pension is often a useful foundation when you’re creating an income in retirement. Yet, a survey from Just Group found that a third of people didn’t check their State Pension forecast before stopping work.  While the State Pension might not be your primary income in retirement, it’s…

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26th April 2024 - Stacey Chamberlain

What you need to know about taking your pension tax-free lump sum in 2024/25

Taking a tax-free lump sum from your pension could be a fantastic way to kickstart your retirement plans. If it’s something you’re thinking about, it’s important to consider the long-term implications and understand how much you could withdraw from your pension before facing a tax bill, as the rules have changed in 2024/25. Previously, you could take 25% of your…

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18th March 2024 - Stacey Chamberlain

3 unexpected financial planning lessons you could learn from Dr Seuss

Dr Seuss’s books are well-known for passing on life lessons to children through interesting and rhyming lyrics. But hidden among the vivid illustrations are valuable teachings that could apply to financial planning too. During his lifetime, Dr Seuss wrote and illustrated more than 60 books – several of which are the most popular children’s books of all time – and…

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16th February 2024 - Stacey Chamberlain

Meet Stacey Chamberlain – the latest addition to the Herbert Scott team

Stacey joins Herbert Scott as a Chartered Financial Planner after moving from Birmingham where she was born and bred to live the southern life in Brighton, well Hove Actually. Stacey was looking to join a company that aligns their values with hers of putting the client first and Herbert Scott was the perfect fit. Stacey gained Chartered Financial Planner status…

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15th February 2024 - Stacey Chamberlain

How to protect financial gifts to your children from relationship breakdowns

As younger generations face challenges reaching milestones and the cost of living soars, you might be thinking about gifting assets to improve their finances. If your beneficiary is in a relationship, you may want to consider what would happen if they split up with their partner. A well-timed gift could have a hugely positive effect on…

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19th January 2024 - Stacey Chamberlain

The pros and cons of choosing a living legacy over leaving an inheritance

Traditionally, people passed on wealth to their loved ones once they passed away through a will. However, you might be considering gifting assets during your lifetime to create a living legacy. Read on to discover the pros and cons you may want to consider before deciding which option is right for you. The benefits of passing…

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14th December 2023 - Stacey Chamberlain

Is the secret to happiness a natural “talent”?

What makes you happy? Watching cute animal videos and indulging in your hobbies may brighten up your day, but new research suggests that genetics have more to do with your happiness than you think. TV presenter Richard Madeley’s daughter recently described her father as having a “talent for happiness”, which could be true. Think of the people in your life…

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16th November 2023 - Stacey Chamberlain

Supporting progression and longevity at Herbert Scott

Last month we celebrated not one, but two, very important achievements within our dedicated team. Alongside Danny’s promotion to Financial Planning Assistant (FPA), Jodie, who is part of the furniture reached her 10th anniversary of being in the Herbert Scott family and an integral part of the team. As our first administrator apprentice, Jodie joined us after leaving college, embarking…

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16th November 2023 - Stacey Chamberlain

Don’t overlook trusts, they could be a useful way to pass on wealth

Trusts may be a useful way to pass on wealth, but research suggests it’s an option some people are dismissing. You can place a variety of assets in a trust, from investment to property, for the benefit of another person, known as the “beneficiary”. The trust is then managed by one or more trustees according to the instructions you’ve set…

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21st October 2023 - Stacey Chamberlain

5 useful conversations to have this Talk Money Week

Opening up about your finances can be difficult. Yet, talking about money could improve your financial security and boost your wellbeing, whether this is talking to your Financial Planner, friends, or your partner. Every year, the Money and Pension Service (MaPS) hosts Talk Money Week, an initiative encouraging more people to start financial conversations. This year, it takes place between…

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