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21st July 2023 - Tim Foster

Government to ban financial cold-calling as 1 in 15 fall victim to devastating scams

The government has set out a new Fraud Strategy in a bid to stem the rise in the amount lost to scams. Among the measures it will implement is a ban on cold-calls related to financial products. While it could help protect you, you must remain vigilant too.  According…

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30th March 2023 - Tim Foster

51% of adults don’t have a will. Here’s why it should be a priority task

The benefits of having a will in place are well-documented, although if you don’t have a will, or haven’t updated it in some time, you’re not alone. A recent survey from MoneyAge has found that 51% of adults in the UK currently don’t have a will in place.

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8th March 2023 - Tim Foster

Explained: How pension tax relief works and boosts your retirement savings

Tax relief could boost your pension and mean you have more financial freedom in retirement. Yet it’s something that you may overlook when reviewing your pension, as analysis suggests that some workers aren’t claiming their full entitlement. In fact, according to a report in the Telegraph, higher- and additional-rate taxpayers could have missed…

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13th February 2023 - Tim Foster

Do you want to unlock property wealth? Read the essentials you need to know first

The number of homeowners turning to equity release to boost their finances is on the rise. While accessing property wealth can be a useful way to supplement your other income, there are things you need to consider first. Equity release provides you with a way to access some of your property wealth while still being able…

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11th January 2023 - Tim Foster

 3.3 million pre-retirees have started a phased retirement. Here’s what you need to know about managing your finances

Around a third of workers nearing retirement are choosing to phase into their next chapter, rather than quit work completely. This phased approach could help you create the work-life balance you want, but you need to consider how you’ll manage your finances too.

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