Client Notes

15th September 2023 - Tracey Payne

Returns fishing with a wide net

Despite the doom and gloom of rising interest rates, elevated inflation, the fear of a wide recession and the continued war in Ukraine, global equity markets[1] (developed and emerging markets combined) have actually risen in 2023. In GBP terms, they have delivered around 7.2% to the end of June, recovering most of 2022’s fall. Markets are forward-looking and…

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17th November 2022 - Tracey Payne

In defence of democracies, markets and the media

Three prime ministers and three chancellors in as many months. It certainly feels chaotic, possibly a bit embarrassing, as well as a little depressing. There is no doubt that the UK could do with some stability, fiscal rectitude and general leadership. Let’s hope that Rishi Sunak can deliver some. Let us think about the magnitude of what has just happened. The…

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