Estate Planning

9th May 2023 - Sean Banks

Estate planning: 3 crucial steps that could protect your later years

Estate planning is an important part of your financial plan. Not only does it ensure your assets are passed on to who you wish and considers areas like Inheritance Tax (IHT), but it could provide peace of mind about your future too. Over the last few months, you’ve read why estate planning matters, how to decide who to pass your…

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30th March 2023 - Sean Banks

Estate planning: Do you need to include Inheritance Tax?

Inheritance Tax (IHT) can affect what you leave behind for loved ones. It’s essential you understand if it’s something you need to think about, as there could be steps you can take to reduce a potential bill. Over the last few months, you’ve read about what estate planning is and how to calculate the value of…

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13th February 2023 - Ben Nolan

Estate planning: How to understand the value of your assets and estate

When you’re deciding how to pass on assets and who you want them to go to, understanding their value, and how this might change, is crucial.  Last month, you read about why estate planning should be part of your overall financial and life plan. Now, read on to discover why getting to grips with what your…

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11th January 2023 - Ben Nolan

Estate planning: What is it and why does it matter?

Have you considered your estate plan? If it’s a task you’ve been putting off, discover five reasons you should make it a priority here.

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