16th May 2024 - Alicia Buckingham

How to make the unexpected part of your financial plan

When you set out how to reach your financial goals, you might think about the steps you need to take. Just as important could be considering how the unexpected might affect your financial plan. Read on to find out how the unexpected may affect you and how an effective plan could keep you on the right track. …

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16th May 2024 - Daniel Brooks

The value of financial planning: 5 fantastic ways tailored advice may help grow your wealth

Financial planning can help you to reach your life goals, and give you and your loved ones security and peace of mind. Over the next few months, you can read our blog to discover exactly why a financial plan that’s tailored to you can add value – and we’ll start with the financial benefits. When you…

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16th May 2024 - Kevin Scott

How to calculate what’s “enough” when selling your business

If you’re a business owner, selling your business might be a key part of your long-term finances. You may plan to use the sale proceeds to retire, provide greater financial freedom, or fund your next project. So, understanding how much is “enough” could be vital.  Even if you’re not planning to exit your business any time…

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16th May 2024 - Jennie Snooks

8 fantastic reasons to support local causes for Small Charity Week

Every year, the UK celebrates Small Charity Week. The event’s goal is to raise awareness for the thousands of local causes which make a huge difference to vulnerable communities across the UK and the rest of the world. This year’s theme is “Resilient Charities for Stronger Communities”, and the movement is encouraging everyone to get involved…

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16th May 2024 - Tracey Payne

The Investment Committee – paddling hard beneath the surface

Meeting your financial goals, so you and your loved ones are free to live the lives you aspire to, requires high quality, ongoing financial planning and the construction and maintenance of a robust well-diversified, long-term investment strategy. It is the firm’s Investment Committee that is responsible for the ongoing governance of the latter. In most walks of life when you…

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14th May 2024 - Tracey Payne

Herbert Scott is proud to support East Sussex Community Choir’s latest performance – Haydn – The Creation (with orchestra)

  Herbert Scott is proud to be supporting the East Sussex Community Choir’s latest performance, titled Haydn – The Creation. The event will take place at Lewes Town Hall on Saturday 29th June 2024 from 7.30pm and we have negotiated reduced-priced, £10, tickets for our clients. If you would like to purchase these, please contact the Herbert Scott office on…

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26th April 2024 - Sean Banks

Herbert Scott hosts Charity Golf Day

On Friday 19th April, Herbert Scott hosted a remarkable Charity Golf Day, bringing together clients, professional connections, and golf enthusiasts alike for a day of camaraderie and philanthropy. Against a backdrop of the picturesque Lewes Golf Club, participants came together to support a cause close to our hearts – Chestnut Tree House, the Sussex children’s hospice. A Day of…

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26th April 2024 - Tracey Payne

Running out of money tops retirement concerns, but financial planning could bring peace of mind

If you’re concerned about running out of money during retirement, you’re not alone. In fact, it’s one of the top financial concerns in the UK. Being proactive and working with a financial planner to create a retirement plan could offer you peace of mind. Read on to find out why.                   In an Aegon survey, 7 in…

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26th April 2024 - Alicia Buckingham

Could you face an unexpected bill now the Capital Gains Tax allowance has halved?

The gains you can make before potentially paying Capital Gains Tax (CGT) have halved for the 2024/25 tax year. If you plan to dispose of assets, the change could affect you. Read on to find out when you could be liable for CGT and some steps you might take to manage your tax bill. CGT is a tax on the…

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26th April 2024 - Sean Banks

Retirement planning: Bringing together your goals and finances

Effective retirement planning often involves weaving together lots of different threads. As you think about your retirement, you might be unsure how to bring everything together, but a bespoke financial plan could put your mind at ease. Over the last few months, you’ve read about the importance of deciding how you’ll retire, why you should set out your goals, and…

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