25th May 2017 - Jodie Norman

Chestnut Tree House’s Midnight Walk

On Saturday 20th May I took part in Chestnut Tree House’s Night to Remember – Midnight Walk.

Night to Remember is a ladies only 5, 10 or 15 mile midnight walk along Eastbourne’s streets and seafront.

I arrived at the Sovereign Centre at around 10:15pm and had to sign in. We were given a flashlight and bottle of water for our journey. After an energetic warm up at around 11:15pm we were then given the total amount the event had raised so far, which was £62,000! Shortly after this we made our way to the start line and the journey soon began.

The route started along the promenade at the Sovereign Centre in Eastbourne and then to Sovereign Harbour and looping around. Then we made our way towards Holywell and back to the Sovereign Centre.

At mile 5 we were given another bottle of water and a banana and the 5 mile walkers made their way back to the Sovereign Centre whilst the 10 and 15 mile walkers continued. The next 2 miles were the most difficult but knowing that there was a chocolate bar at mile 7 made it easier!

Throughout the journey there were marshals cheering and encouraging us on. It takes a whopping 200 volunteers to make a Night to Remember!

It took us 3 hours and 25 minutes to get to mile 10 which I was very pleased with. At the finish line, we were given our medal and a bacon sandwich… Just what we needed!

The 15 mile urban trek was new for 2017 and challenged participants to go the extra distance, taking on tough urban inclines. Maybe next year I will decide to do this!

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