22nd September 2021 - Sean Banks

What exactly is a lifetime cashflow forecast?

What exactly is a lifetime cashflow forecast? Many people feel they may have a good, solid financial foundation. They save and invest their money regularly and have built up a reasonable amount of wealth over their careers. Perhaps they have recently come into money through an inheritance of the sale of a business or shares. They have a good idea…

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8th September 2021 - Jodie Norman

Women Need To Work Beyond 100 To Match Men’s Pension Pot

Gender pension gap narrowest on record at just 1%, as proportion of women saving adequately hits new high of 59%.However, savings gap persists as the average man saving adequately would still be putting away £1,300 a year more than a woman, with the pandemic threatening to make this worse. The gender pension gap has closed to just 1% ‐ the…

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8th September 2021 - Ben Nolan

Proms in the Paddock

Saturday 7th August saw the return of Proms in the Paddock – a unique and hugely popular event that is brought to Lewes each summer by Commercial Square Bonfire Society. Despite the best efforts of the British weather to dampen spirits, the event was a great success with the grand finale, provided by the Lewes Glynde and…

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8th September 2021 - Jennie Snooks

Welcome to the newest member of the Herbert Scott team!

We are pleased to welcome the newest member of the Herbert Scott Team – James Porter. James has taken on the role of Financial Planning Assistant and will be working closely alongside our Financial Planners to help provide clients with top-quality advice and service. James will be helping the advisers to construct, implement and monitor our client’s strategic financial…

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19th August 2021 - Sean Banks

Mortgages: to repay or not repay?

If a country’s financial persona could be summed up succinctly, the UK’s would most certainly be defined by our obsession with property, home ownership and mortgages. As soon as we settle down in a relationship or start a family, most of us become fiercely determined to lay down roots and achieve that sense of pride and security that comes from…

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14th July 2021 - Tracey Payne

The dilemma of trying to do the right thing.

Students have always been at the centre of activism around the important issues of the time, from the ‘Mai 68’ student riots in Paris, via the pressure put on Barclays and others to divest from apartheid-riven South Africa in the 1980s, to today’s Black Lives Matter movement and the existential threat of climate change.  Their enthusiasm and conviction can often…

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30th June 2021 - Ben Nolan

Planning to achieve your retirement goals sooner?

Are you ‘mid or late career’ or planning to retire within ten years? If the answer is ‘yes’, then you probably want to know the answers to these questions: Will I be able to retire when I want to? Will I run out of money? How can I guarantee the kind of retirement I want? But, for many different reasons,…

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18th June 2021 - Jennie Snooks

Achieving her Certificate!

We are delighted to announce that Susana Duarte has recently achieved her Certificate in Regulated Financial Services Operations, a highly regarded financial planning qualification. Susana has been very committed to studying for her professional exams since completing her Business Administration apprenticeship with Herbert Scott in March 2020. She is now looking to further her studies, and is hoping to…

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18th June 2021 - Tracey Payne

Inflation ahoy!

The word ‘ahoy!’ is an old maritime warning, usually used when either a ship or land was sighted in the distance as a warning to the crew to beware.   Today, the risk of higher inflation down the line has been sighted by both economists and – of late – the markets. It is something that investors have not really been…

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9th June 2021 - Sean Banks

Optimists in a world of pessimism

The world can certainly seem rather bleak at times. If you’re someone who regularly consumes the output of mainstream media outlets, you will undoubtedly live in a perpetual state of Armageddon. For we are never without crisis; disease outbreak, natural disaster, economic meltdown, political corruption, civil war, Elon Musk tweets – all form part of the 24/7 news reel of…

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