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21st October 2020 - Samuel Martin

“Build, Build, Build” could cause tax issues for pension members

Boris Johnson recently announced that we need to “build, build, build” new infrastructure to help boost the UK economy. The relaxations of the planning system bring good news for the construction industry and house builders. However, this could cause tax issues for pension members holding commercial property. An advantage of providing pension benefits in a SSAS or SIPP is being…

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13th October 2020 - Tracey Payne

Cash may be a ‘risky’ asset class – this article explains why

I recently had the pleasure of meeting some new clients who provided me with the perfect example of why cash may be a ‘risky’ asset class. The couple in question had worked hard. They had diligently built up a significant sum to fund an exciting and fulfilling retirement and were about to embark on this journey.  Cash and cautious investors…

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23rd September 2020 - Ellen Wood

Achieving his Certificate

Herbert Scott has always supported the ongoing development of its staff. We are delighted to announce that Jacques Howell has recently succeeded in achieving his Certificate in Regulated Financial Services Operations, which is a highly-regarded financial planning qualification. Jacques is now looking to further his study, with the aim of achieving his Diploma in Regulated Financial Services Operations .

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3rd September 2020 - Alicia Buckingham

Pension Transfer Gold Standard adopted by Herbert Scott

The Pension Transfer Gold Standard is a code of practice set up by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the regulator of financial advice firms. This code of practice has been voluntarily adopted by some financial advisers, including Herbert Scott. It offers specialist advice on Defined Benefit pension transfers (or other pension schemes with safeguarded benefits). Financial firms and advisers who…

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17th August 2020 - Ben Nolan

Financial Plans – is it time to review them?

Many people are reviewing their financial plans as part of having to adjust to a ‘new normal’ in recent months, either through choice or necessity. For some, lockdown has lead to a realisation that they do not wish to fully return to how things were previously, whilst others are being forced to reconsider their plans as a result of corporate…

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4th August 2020 - David Herbert

Cash Management Solutions – Cash is King

It has always been said of business that turnover is for vanity, profit is for sanity, but cash is King! Well, cash may be King, but it doesn’t always get Royally treated. Cash Management Solutions could offer a solution. The problem Low interest rates offered by the banks and building societies leave us uninspired and chasing after better…

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21st July 2020 - Jacques Howell

Saving during lockdown – are you better off financially?

As someone who has been saving during lockdown, it is refreshing to see that in this time of uncertainty and an ever changing ‘normal’, more people are reporting to be better off financially. The average Briton may have saved a substantial amount per month during the coronavirus-related lockdown. Cash saving company, Raisin UK, said little to no commuting, socialising or dining…

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9th July 2020 - Alicia Buckingham

Summer Statement – what does this mean for you?

The Coronavirus pandemic has adversely affected many people’s incomes, businesses, job prospects and investments. Although rumours leading up to the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s 2020 Summer budget mentioned a hike in taxes or eradication of some tax benefits to recoup government spending, the focus seems to be on rebuilding our economy. Rishi Sunak’s summer statement aims to offset the economic…

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1st July 2020 - Tracey Payne

Can I afford to retire? Let us help you decide.

It’s now over three months since Boris put the country into ‘lockdown’, an unpleasant sounding word sparking a variety of emotions in every one of us, young and old.  For me, the experience was firstly one of  disbelief, followed quickly by uncertainty and a fear of the unknown.  With hindsight, my family has been extremely lucky. We have so far…

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24th June 2020 - Jodie Norman

Pension Transfer – is Covid-19 affecting decisions?

The number of people opting to transfer out of their defined benefit pension schemes reached an all-time low last month. More savers are choosing to stay put due to market volatility caused by COVID-19. This follows a series of changes made by the Financial Conduct Authority in which over 700 licensed IFAs gave up their permission to provide pension transfer…

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