26th April 2024 - Sean Banks

Herbert Scott hosts Charity Golf Day

On Friday 19th April, Herbert Scott hosted a remarkable Charity Golf Day, bringing together clients, professional connections, and golf enthusiasts alike for a day of camaraderie and philanthropy. Against a backdrop of the picturesque Lewes Golf Club, participants came together to support a cause close to our hearts – Chestnut Tree House, the Sussex children’s hospice.

A Day of Swings and Smiles

The day began with a buzz of excitement as attendees gathered for a hearty breakfast, exchanging greetings and gearing up for the challenges ahead. As the first tee time beckoned, golfers took to the course, eager to showcase their skills and, most importantly, make a meaningful impact through their participation.

With each swing and putt, the spirit of friendly competition was alive and well, creating moments of joy and laughter that echoed throughout the fairways. From seasoned pros to part-time hackers, everyone embraced the opportunity to contribute to something greater than themselves.

Supporting Chestnut Tree House

At the heart of Herbert Scott’s Charity Golf Day was the unwavering commitment to support Chestnut Tree House and the invaluable services it provides to children with life-shortening conditions and their families. Through generous donations, sponsorships, and participant contributions, the event aimed to raise vital funds to ensure that Chestnut Tree House can continue its vital mission of providing comfort, care, and cherished memories. We’re delighted to say we raised £517.09!

Gratitude and Impact

As the participants made their way into the clubhouse, and the final scores were tallied, there was a palpable sense of accomplishment and gratitude in the air. Thanks to the generosity and dedication of all involved, Herbert Scott’s Charity Golf Day was a resounding success, surpassing expectations and leaving a lasting impact on the community.

The funds raised will go a long way in supporting Chestnut Tree House’s ongoing efforts to make a difference in the lives of children and families facing unimaginable challenges. Each participant, sponsor, and supporter played a vital role in this collective endeavor, demonstrating the power of coming together for a common cause.

Looking Ahead

As we reflect on the success of the day, we are reminded of the profound impact that can be achieved when individuals and businesses unite in support of those in need. While the event may have come to a close, the spirit of giving and camaraderie will continue to resonate, inspiring us to seek out new opportunities to make a difference in our community.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of this event and invite you to stay tuned for future initiatives aimed at creating positive change and spreading hope far and wide.

Together, we can make a difference, one swing at a time.

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