16th February 2024 - Tracey Payne

Pursuing a Better Investment Experience – Herbert Scott hosts its first annual investment event

What better way to spend a rainy afternoon in February than in the company of Dimensional Fund Advisers, engaging in a journey through Herbert Scott’s investment philosophy. Whilst we realised this wasn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea, we wanted to establish an annual event for clients who would like a deeper understanding of how we manage their money, allowing them to ask questions and meet the people who run our chosen funds.

After reminding everyone about the strong governance which surrounds our centralised investment proposition, we explained the role our external consultant, Albion Strategic, plays in providing us with an abundance of analytical research on which to base our investment decisions. We also reflected on the underlying funds held in the Herbert Scott portfolios, before handing over to Dimensional to walk us through our ten fairly simple, yet highly effective, investment principles.

Pursuing a Better Investment Experience is something that runs through the very core of how we manage our client’s money. Unlike many investment managers, we are not just looking to generate returns, simply for return’s sake; the reality is that sometimes we would impress you with this, and sometimes we wouldn’t, depending largely on what’s going on in the market. Instead, we do everything possible, based on a wealth of academic research and data, to give our clients the best chance of getting the returns they need to achieve a lifetime of goals and dreams, whether this be travelling to all four corners of the world, or creating a trust fund to support future generations of their family.

The afternoon wrapped up with coffee, cake, several engaging conversations, and some fantastic, positive feedback from those attending. If you didn’t join us this year, we would love you to come along next time if this is something that interests you. And for those who did make it, a big thank you from Herbert Scott and Dimensional for giving us your time. We hope everyone got to take away at least one or two useful snippets of information.


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