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6th May 2020 - Tracey Payne

Turnip Turmoil – a fun insight into outguessing markets and market timing

For a little light relief from the articles posted recently, I thought readers might enjoy the following commentary written by my 17 year old daughter. It still has an investment angle, but uses an amusing data cohort to get my points across. ‘Six weeks ago, just before the impending lockdown began my 11 year old brother and I decided to…

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29th April 2020 - Tracey Payne

How are you feeling?

For years I’ve been intrigued by how client’s financial decisions are very closely linked to their emotions about money. This is one reason why we take so much time at Herbert Scott to understand these feelings; we believe it’s a critical step in delivering great financial plans that you can stick with long-term.  Part of our process involves getting…

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22nd April 2020 - Jennie Snooks

Another apprenticeship success at Herbert Scott

We would like to say a huge well done to Susana Duarte who has recently completed her Business Administration Apprenticeship.  Susana has now earned herself a full time Administrator position at Herbert Scott  and will be working alongside Jennie and Ellen in the administration team. Prior to joining Herbert Scott, Susana studied A Level Maths, Biology and Chemistry at Sussex…

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16th April 2020 - Tracey Payne

‘Vox populi’ and the wisdom of crowds

Many of those reading this short note will have, at some time, travelled down to Devon for a lovely summer break amongst the rolling fields, moors and beautiful beaches of this somewhat remote county.  Only a few will have ventured into Plymouth, the famous naval seaport and home to Sir Francis Drake (that famous Elizabethan pirate who so vexed our…

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9th April 2020 - Tracey Payne

Not paying dividends

Having worked in the financial sector for over 25 years, looking after clients and their investment portfolios, I have had many conversations about dividend income and the safety net that some investors believe this provides.  My belief is that focusing solely on dividend paying stocks has been borne out of a stockbroking mindset that builds portfolios to meet their client’s…

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20th March 2020 - Tracey Payne

Today’s market falls in the context of history

Context is an important tool when it comes to investing.  All investors around the world will be feeling the emotional pressures of the recent rapid equity market falls, either because they can remember previous falls and times of uncertainty, such as the Global Financial Crisis (2007-2009), or as younger investors, they have not yet experienced material market falls.  We obviously…

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18th March 2020 - Alicia Buckingham

2020 Budget Breakdown

Fears surrounding the coronavirus (Covid 19) means the March 2020 budget addressed concerns on NHS funding and the knock-on effect for small UK businesses. Anticipated budget 2020 tax and pension overhauls and a stance on post-BREXIT changes did not transpire.  The Budget itself was in stark contrast to previous releases in the face of austerity, with a £30bn fiscal stimulus…

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12th March 2020 - Tracey Payne

Top tips for staying calm in today’s markets

At times like this, it is sometimes worth reminding ourselves that it is this very uncertainty of shorter-term market outcomes that delivers investors with returns above those of placing bank deposits.  This allows us to grow our purchasing power over time.  In the case of equities, this uncertainty can be high as the market adjusts its view of long-term earnings…

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6th March 2020 - Tracey Payne

Taking small steps towards a more sustainable world

It does feel as if the world is at an inflection point: step up to the challenges of global warming and other non-sustainable pressures on the Earth’s resources today or let our children and grandchildren reap the havoc of the melting ice caps; sea water level rises; deforestation and a decline in biodiversity; desertification and the potential social and migratory…

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28th February 2020 - Tracey Payne

Coronavirus – keep things in perspective

In the modern era, we have far greater access to world news at just the click of a button, or from flash news alerts on our phones. This is not always a good thing as newspapers and websites publish news stories that will attract readers. It can be all too easy to focus on these stories and get gloomy, disheartened…

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