16th November 2023 - Stacey Chamberlain

Supporting progression and longevity at Herbert Scott

Last month we celebrated not one, but two, very important achievements within our dedicated team. Alongside Danny’s promotion to Financial Planning Assistant (FPA), Jodie, who is part of the furniture reached her 10th anniversary of being in the Herbert Scott family and an integral part of the team.

As our first administrator apprentice, Jodie joined us after leaving college, embarking on her first full-time job. When asked what attracted Jodie to Herbert Scott initially, she says ‘I looked for an apprenticeship scheme but most of them were in sales and it didn’t fit with my personality and the type of work I wanted to get into. After chatting with Herbert Scott, I liked the idea of being part of a smaller company, with closer relationships.’

Once Jodie finished her administrator apprenticeship scheme she embarked on gaining her Diploma in Regulated Financial Services and became a Client Relationship Manager, a role she describes as being between an administrator and FPA. ‘I wanted to progress into the technical side of financial advice, but I didn’t want to give up my client interaction; this is where the FPA role was created, which is very different to the majority of companies. It allows me to use my knowledge but also interact with clients, giving me the best of both worlds.’

Jodie has really grown up over the years and achieved many firsts; buying her first home; getting married; having her first child, and Herbert Scott has grown up with her too. She has witnessed a restaurant being turned into an office and becoming an open-plan working environment, which is one of her favourite things about being part of the business as it is now.

There have been many great memories made over the years but Jodie’s most notable occasion was our 20-year anniversary celebration to Dublin with the team and the big celebratory party held in Lewes Town Hall.

When asked what has changed the most over the years Jodie says ‘We approach everything as a team, our culture has changed, and I think moving to an open plan office has been integral to our continued growth. Everyone will chip in and do any role if needs be, the space has meant everyone is together and working cohesively.’ 

The team at Herbert Scott has also changed a little over the years but Jodie has stuck it out.  When discussing what has kept her here she says ‘It really is like a family, when I talk about my employer to friends, they all comment how looked after we are. I have never had a disagreement with anyone at work, if I ever have a problem there is someone who will listen and care most importantly. When I was on maternity leave, I missed everyone. I have seen several people come and go over the years, but it has never been because they don’t want to be here, just that their circumstances changed, or they wished to find a new career path. It’s a testament to how we are here.’

Keeping employees happy is something we strive for at Herbert Scott and progressing is a natural part of this.  When asked what the most important element to her progression has been, Jodie gushes ‘Everyone is open about moving up, no one has ever assumed I am happy staying in my role, it is discussed each year and plans can be put in place to support this.’

Jodie says, ‘I don’t have a bad word to say about Herbert Scott, I love it.’

Jodie……..we love you too. 

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