7th May 2015 - Hannah Bibby

You’re Hired!

JodieA massive WELL DONE from everyone at Herbert Scott to our very own Jodie Richards.  Jodie was our first apprentice and, having completed her Business Administration apprenticeship in late 2014, now has a great certificate from Sussex Downs College to prove how well she did.

Not only did Jodie pass her apprenticeship but she also earned a full-time position at Herbert Scott where she has quickly established herself as a valued member of the administration team.

Kevin Scott said “Jodie showed great dedication and commitment during her apprenticeship, overcoming various challenges, and we knew early on that we wanted to offer her a permanent position in the company.  She has worked hard to complete her apprenticeship and we are all very proud of her.  A well-deserved and fantastic achievement!”

Prior to joining Herbert Scott, Jodie studied A Level Psychology, Sociology and English Literature at Sussex Downs College but decided mid-way through her course that, as she did not want to go onto University, she would prefer to start learning in the workplace.

“The apprenticeship was the best thing I’ve ever done,” says Jodie.  “For young people today, it’s hard to get a job; I felt that an apprenticeship was the way forward for me.”

The future looks bright for Jodie. She’s now joined the Personal Finance Society and the textbook for study towards her first professional examination has just arrived.

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